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Endless Journey Hospice Auction

 Friday December 6th 5:30

We are excited to announce the 1st annual Night of Endless Stars Holiday Gala

Our Holiday Gala will be held Friday, December 6th, 5:30 pm at the Embassy Suites La Vista.  Our goal is to raise enough funds to start the construction of The Endless Journey Hospice House and to continue our non-profit initiative.  The Hospice House will service clients from the Omaha and surrounding areas and will service clients of all ages including pediatric, teens, young adult and beyond.   

Endless Journey is a dual sided company.  Endless Journey Hospice provides all the traditional medical modalities that any hospice would provide to clients at their home or in a facility setting.  Endless Journey Hospice Care Inc. is our non-profit which supplements these hospice services by offering a comprehensive catalog of holistic options and choices.  These holistic services include music therapy, message therapy, healing touch, reiki, pet therapy, art therapy, meditation, aromatherapy, chiropractic services, reflexology etc. and are offered at no cost to our clients or their families. 

In addition to the holistic choices, Endless Journey Hospice Care Inc provides meal service for our home clients and offers a specialized bereavement meal to each of our families following the death of their loved one. These meals are prepared by our registered dietitian and chef and are also offered at no additional cost to the client or their families. 

 What truly sets us apart is our non-profit initiative.  Our nonprofit initiative offers these important choices to allow our clients to choose how they want to live for the remainder of their days.  These holistic choices provide dignity, comfort and symptom management. 

As stated earlier, our intention of the Gala is to raise funds to continue our nonprofit initiative and raise funding for our twelve-suite hospice house that will service the greater Omaha metro area and beyond.  Along with the corporate sponsorship opportunities, we will also be hosting a live and silent auction at the event.  With your help, we feel we will be able to continue our initiative and provide the community a much-needed Hospice House.  Any sponsorship or donation would be greatly appreciated. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.  Your time and trouble are greatly appreciated.

Super Saturday 2020 

Hosted by Offutt 55th Force Support Squadron

 Saturday JAN 18th  2 PM – 10 PM

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Desta C


Mike was the auctioneer for our silent/ live auction portion of our Fundraising Gala and did a wonderful job. He had a good energy, good humor and was very engaging to our guests while focusing on helping raise as many dollars as we could to support our programs. After our event, several of our guests also provided favorable feedback on his services and enjoyed having him at the event. We would definitely select him as an auctioneer at a future event.