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Storage shed auction

Saturday August 15th 1PM

Contents of 10 x 20 Storage Shed…

Selling to the Highest Bid on Sat Aug 15th @ 1 pm. NO RESERVE! 90th & Blondo area (Omaha). Renter was an auto shop Owner, Vending Machine Operator & Hoarder?? All items to be removed within 48 hrs. More info to come! I am “Sold” on Auctions! It Will be held at a place to store off of keystone drive in blondo.

A seller may be better served by being referred to another company or by choosing another method to market / sell their items (on-line options, print or other marketing methods)…

Mike calls that “Good Bid-Ness”

Talk to mike about a good bid-ness opportunity for you.

Desta C


Mike was the auctioneer for our silent/ live auction portion of our Fundraising Gala and did a wonderful job. He had a good energy, good humor and was very engaging to our guests while focusing on helping raise as many dollars as we could to support our programs. After our event, several of our guests also provided favorable feedback on his services and enjoyed having him at the event. We would definitely select him as an auctioneer at a future event.